Ciao Mondo

Hey! If you don’t know me, first take a look at my profile!

This blog begins with the urge to write again, to share some of my knowledge, learnings, thoughts, projects and moments of my life that worth a post. 

I had a personal blog years ago, but at the time, it was not my priority and I was not committed to the project, so I always had an excuse to abandon the blog.

The Challenge

Write is a challenge to me, it demands time and a lot of concentration, two things that will be difficult to me at beginning. Actually, I’m very excited with this project, because it will help me to take a time to put my thoughts together.

As you can see, I’m also writing in english. This time I chose only english because of the technical content that I’ll produce.

I tend to write about:

  • Articles about DevOps - tools, cookbooks, culture
  • Projects I’m working on
  • Things that don’t fill in 140 characters

Blogging Platform

I gave a chance to Jekyll and hosted the blog at GitHub Pages. I already knew some blogs that were built with this setup, and the performance of those sites was something that shined my eyes. 

I’ll not blog about “how to setup jekyll with github pages” because there are a thousands over the internet.

In short: I’m enjoying so far, is pure static content with markdown language, you should try it!


For comments or any questions, feel free to ping me on