My Personal Dotfiles

The name “dotfiles” are derived from Unix-like configuration files that start with a dot (like .bash_profile, .vimrc, etc), and are common to serve as the files that you can use to customize your system and your apps.

Today already exists a large community around this, with a big number of repositories ready to go.

I have some of my friends that already did and shared their own dotfiles, so I decided to share mine as well!

In the beginning, I did a few research and I tried some dotfiles, but none pleased me as the @mathiasbynens/dotfiles, which ended as the base of my dotfiles.

I created a repository on GitHub, with all necessary steps and files that are included in this configuration. It covers Terminal, Git, Bash, Sublime Text and Vim configurations and preferences. I hope you like it!

Fell free to use and customize. If you wanna contribute with anything, just let me know.

The final result looks like this:






For comments or any questions, feel free to ping me on