Alexandre Guimarães Malucelli

I’m a Brazilian by birth and Italian by citizenship. I’m from Joinville, Brazil, where I live and work remotely for companies around the world. I’ve been working with technology for the past 15+ years, and over the last few years these were my projects:

Site Reliability Engineer, Couchbase Inc2020

Couchbase Inc is the company behind Couchbase Server, a NoSQL document-oriented database for business-critical applications. At Couchbase, I’m working in the Couchbase Cloud product, a solution that offers a fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) in multiple cloud providers.

Lead DevOps, TOTVS Labs2018 - 2020

TOTVS Labs is one of the innovation divisions of TOTVS. Working as a DevOps engineer, I helped the company to scale and optimize a growing product called Carol, that is focused on inteliggent apps and machine learning.

DevOps Engineer, TOTVS2014 - 2018

TOTVS is the largest software company in Latin America. I was part of the fluig team during their journey to migrate their on-premisse product to a SaaS architecture.

If you need to get in touch, reach out to me at Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also find my at GitHub, where I try to maintain a few projects.