Alexandre Guimarães Malucelli

Currently Site Reliability Engineer and DevOps Engineer at TOTVS.

Alexandre Guimarães Malucelli is a Brazilian (born) and Italian (citizenship) citizen. He’s originally from Joinville, where he lives and works. For nearly a decade he has been working on projects as DevOps, DBA Oracle and Linux/Windows SysAdmin.

He founded Do Grão ao Copo, which is a web portal to disseminate the beer and brewer culture in Brazil, Mestre da Cerveja, which was a startup that delivered beer under a subscription business, and he’s also the co-founder of Effortt Brasil, a consulting firm that help other companies in projects with PMBOK and Scrum.

He is a huge fan of sports, especially American football and baseball. His favorite teams are the New England Patriots (Go Pats!) and the Boston Red Sox (Go Red Sox!).

You can reach him at the following services:

Or just send him a message at alexandre at malucelli dot net.